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everything has a spirit
everything is connected
everything is possible

Visual artist
Anita McMaster

Visual artist
Tatiana Mihowich

The opening reception

The opening reception

The opening reception



Art Show & Sale

— FEBRUARY 2012 —

Beyond all shapes and colours there is an energetic manifestation of Nature. In concert with the energy of the Elements and their inhabitants, Mother Nature is ever comforting, ever powerful, ever creating; unrelenting in her mission to thrive and survive. But we are free to re-arrange the way we perceive Nature if we allow ourselves to pass thru the magic mirror of Inspiration, and it is by filtering, twisting, layering and bending that we can truly expand within Nature.

Inspiration can be pulled down by pondering what "it" can become, once "it" is captured. For TATIANA MIHOWICH it ranges from normalcy, double entendres, and exaggerations to keen expressions of the mythical or mysterious. For ANITA McMASTER, inspiration comes from the resurgence of that inherent knowledge we have as children but we surrender or perhaps just forget over time...

everything has a spirit
everything is connected
everything is possible

ANITA McMASTER is a Toronto-based visual artist that just began showing her art. Two years ago, her lifelong urge to travel and devote more time to that “artist within” finally became too overwhelming, impelling her to reorganize her life so she could pursue both.

TATIANA MIHOWICH is a Toronto-based multimedia artist with experience in photo-graphy, film, conceptual design, painting, and sculpture –as well as a Clairvoyant, Writer, Tarot Teacher, and Healer. She studied Jewel-lery Design and Performance Arts at OCAD, and Film Production at Ryerson University and George Brown College in Toronto. In the last decade she has shown her work at several local venues, like Gallery 1313. For more info, go to

Opened Friday February 3, 2012
Until Wednesday February 29, 2012

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